Spoke Newsletter – 02/22/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 02/22/2018


The Family Service Association of Redlands is an integral part of the charitable soul of Redlands, beginning in 1898. Kyra Stewart is the Executive Director, and today will tell us about this organization that does so much for this community. Members of this club have donated money and time to this organization in substantial amounts over the years. It will be great to get an update on the status of Family Service and to hear how we may best support it today.


The Rotary Music Competition was held last week, with nine students competing. The competitors were: from RHS – Juliet Ingram (vocal) and Sagarika Chidella (vocal); from REV – Howard Zhu (piano), Selah Betcher (violin) and Jace Elliott (violin); and from CVHS – Daniel Hernandez (vocal), Kelsey Cauldren (vocal), Shaelan Gagatam (piano) and Elizabeth Gaitan (vocal). The judges for this event were NATHAN GONZALES, JANE DREHER and BRUCE SATZGER. It is unclear whether or not there is still time to get in a bribe before the results are announced. To nd out, contact your favorite judge.


Having been unable to arrange the previously promised Olympic Games medal winners, Dennis Hansberger is going for gold next week. It is almost certain that he will have Shaun White here for commentary as he repeatedly shows his nal run down the Olympic half-pipe.

Last week LEW NELSON had the honor of presenting to the club Students of the Month from each of our high schools. They were Jacqueline Ceballos (Redlands High), Lucinda Rodriguez (Orangewood), Bryn Baten (Redlands East Valley) and Ryan Burton (Citrus Valley High School). Congratulation to each of you and our best wishes for your future plans.February Students of the Month

Just about a year ago now, LORI RHODES announced her retirement from the Redlands Uni ed School District. Formerly being a seriously competitive ice skater, it was assumed it was to give her time to prepare for the current Olympic Games. As a youth, she lived away from home for a time to focus on serious training. So it was assumed she had similar plans. However, not seeing her in the games, one can only assume she is taking a longer view of training, and honing her former U of R diving skills for the next summer Olympic Games. Stay tuned for updates.

A couple weeks ago I made some comments about JANE DREHER’S well written history of the Redlands hospital. Turns out she has some copies of that book available if anyone is interested.

And for those of you somewhat new to the club, also investigate “The Rotary club of Redlands California 1920-1988” written by RALPH E. HONE. My copy is autographed, so you can’t have it.

Ralph was a professor of English at the University of Redlands. We have to thank former member Gino Poma for talking Ralph into undertaking the project. DOUG MCADAM gets a little too much play in the book with two pictures of him acting like a club president. While the book is not long (87 pages), perusing its pages brings back a lot of memories for long time Redlands residents. Names like YMCA director ROY COBLE who was in the club from 1930 to 1983 (with 45 years perfect attendance.

Others whose names might ring a bell include Bill Moore, Waldo Burroughs, Bert Hat eld, William Lauer, Tom Winn, and M. H. EMERICH.



One more look at the Roster. Take a look at the committees and
all those chairpersons that have taken on a lot of responsibility. Among them see if there isn’t some committee where you can offer some help with the tasks at hand.


As you might have noticed, JIM HOLMES is hard at work, making further improvements to the hospital facility.

But have you seen the wonderful history, a “Century of Healthcare” written by JANE DREHER, covering the hospital from 1904- 2004. From page 111 of that book, here are a couple questions and answers from the quiz compiled by LARRY BURGESS for the hospital newsletter in 1985:

Q What might have been the average salary in 1933?

A Historical records indicate that many area residents earned between $10 and $13 per week.

Q Who originally donated the land for the hospital. A Mr. And Mrs. Edward M. Cope
Q When were the surgical areas rst air conditioned. A 1952



Rotary Leaders

Rotary of Redlands is looking for club leaders. There is no better way to become a leader than by attending the rotary Leadership Institute on MARCH 10, 2018 AT ORTEGA HIGH SCHOOL. Our District 5330 is holding Part I,II,& III Training Sessions and now is your time to complete any Session that you nd interesting. Attending the training is something that our new members as well as our current members can do to gain knowledge of the of the full scope of Rotary. As a past attendee I can assure you that the facilitators and the support staff provide excellent service, knowledge transfer, and information.

In order to help you decide which session to attend below is a breakdown of the what each Sessions includes. Note that Part I must be completed before Part II, and then you must complete Part II before Part III.

PART I classes cover “Insights Into Leadership”, “My Rotary World”, “Engaging Members”, “Our Foundation”, “Ethics- Vocational Service”, and “Service Projects”. There is a different facilitator for each class. Each of the six classes in this rst session is about 50 minutes in length. Classes are interactive with a minimum of lecture time.

PART II classes are “Strategic Planning and Analysis”, “Targeted Service”, “Club Communication”, “Team Building”, and “Attracting Members”. These classes build on PART I with additional work on the essential skills for having an effective club, practical mechanics of building a service project, and how to attract and retain new members through shared values and commitment. We have added small group discussions for more sharing among the participants.

PART III classes are “International Service”; “Effective Leadership Strategies”; “Rotary Opportunities”; “Public Image & Public Relations”; “Rotarians, Vocational Service and Expectations”; and “Making a Difference”. These classes build on PARTS I & II and focus on “My Rotary Journey” to help build communities around the world, explore the many opportunities available with Rotary, identify opportunities to promote the image of your club and Rotary, support meaningful vocational activities, and to help improve the path for others to follow.

So want to attend the March 10, but you need to sign up ASAP and we’ll pay your registration fees. It is a great way to learn about Rotary and become engaged in the most powerful service club in the world.

Editor – Scott Showler – Edition No. 33, February 22, 2018

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