Spoke Newsletter –02/07/2019

Spoke Newsletter –02/07/2019

COME ONE, COME ALL. Prepare to be impressed, and prepare to be filled with JOY! It’s time for Rotary’s Annual Music Competition, hosted by SABINE ROBERTSON- PHILLIPS and committee. It never disappoints! As usual, the competition will take place across the street in the
Congregational Church sanctuary. Take the short walk, after our nutritious meal, to lend your support as this select group of RUSD students display their musical talents.

JOHN TINCHER presented his experience of life intersecting with an historic moment in time. JOHN had the interesting fortune of being the Air Force chaplain stationed for a month-long service in Hana, HI at the island’s UCC Church. Charles Lindbergh, famous aviator who made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic, had terminal cancer and was living near Hana when he passed away. John received the call to meet with Charles’ wife to plan the memorial service the day before John was leave the island for the mainland. John shared details of the service, the Hawaiian burial traditions and the experience of the reenactment of the ceremony 20 yrs later. The controversial political leanings of this American icon certainly left a mark and interestingly his grave site in Maui is popular tourist attraction today.

Spoke Newsletter 2019-03-01

Spoke Newsletter 2019-03-01

Now this particular program promises to be a sweetheart of a deal…our own NATHAN GONZALES will present the history of Valentines. Are we to learn of martyred priests? The romance of Charlie Brown and Lucy? How many long stemmed roses are sold each year? Perhaps Nathan will enlighten us to how Brachs Candy will save the day and produce Conversation Hearts for the now defunct Necco.
Bring your Sweetheart. Nathan is sure to spin a sweet tale.


Victoria regaled us with uplifting stories of the recent RYLA interviews. Get Out The Corkscrews! RED WINE AND BREWS IS COMING! Mark your calendar for May 11, 2019 at esri Café. Yours truly missed the first RWB meeting and got volunteeredagain! That’s Okay, says Lynn, she and the beverage committee will get right to work on their research!


Wine Maker Dinner – hosted by RON and JOYCE JEFFREY and MIKE and KAYLEA BOSMAN. This always promises to be a highlight of the year. March 25 th – details to follow!

The first Thursday in February! February is the month Rotary marks its anniversary! This will mark Rotary’s 114th year. This made me realize that our club was on the forefront of service considering we are in our 99th year as a club. It makes me, and should make you proud that we as a community 99 years ago had the foresight to align ourselves with such a great organization. Furthermore it is a testament to our commitment to service that our club has continued on for 99 years and will do so for many more to come!

Editor—Lynn Whitmer—Edition No. 30, February 07, 2019

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