Spoke Newsletter – 02-06-2020

Spoke Newsletter – 02-06-2020


Today we welcome our Mayor, PAUL FOSTER, who likely is out on the Measure G circuit. We’ll hear from PAUL about all things Redlands, but also about the events leading up to placing Measure G on the ballot, and the issues on both sides of the measure. In the interest of full and fair disclosure, he is a member of the civic group that meets in this very room on Tuesdays. Come on kids, not everyone is a Rotarian, let’s be civil as after all, he is our Mayor.


Last week, as is our custom if we have a fifth Thursday in the month, we heard from two of our newer members via Craft Talks. Welcome KATHI JENSEN and THOMAS JACKSON. KATHI was a refreshing reminder that some of us did not let education get in the way of life experiences that first year or so of college, but when ones true calling came, she answered the call and had a successful and rewarding career. THOMAS on the other hand is still in that career and life building mode, and has thrown himself at collecting college degrees and children. With six kids, whom he loves but does have to have special transportation to get around as a family, and either five or six majors or masters degrees, he understand how overrated sleep is. However he is pouring his efforts into his real estate career now. Both speakers are fine additions to our club.


It’s got to be something great, but in this moment, it is known more to the Program Chair than the Spoke Editor. Seriously, JULIE MICHAELS has been doing a wonderful job as Program Chair in Victoria’s year. If you have an idea, or know someone with an interesting story, or are aware of a unique entity, do give that idea to Julie. Good programs are all our responsibility.


Join the throngs at the Lincoln Shrine Open House on Saturday, February 8th from 11am to 3pm at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and Smiley Park. The day begins with the 81st Lincoln Pilgrimage stepping off from Redlands High School and concluding with a short program across the street from Smiley Park at the Redlands Bowl. The Shrine Open House will feature live music, Civil War reenactors, and new exhibits. All events are free and open to the public. You won’t want to miss it!


As reported in the last couple issues of JERRY BEAN’S newspaper, the Museum of Redlands is going to happen. Kudos to everyone behind MOR, but some special recognition needs to go to our own LARRY BURGESS and his wife Char for being at the front of the fund raising effort, and also DON MCCUE and NATHAN GONZALES for shepherding the volunteers for many years, including those of us that hosted showcase events to promote the late push in 2019 for the museum. The support or number of donors, at all levels, to this campaign is testament to the spirit of Redlands, and did not go unnoticed by the few large donors who came in at the end to help everyone achieve the goal. MOR will be another wonderful Redlands story to share, and a facility our kids and grandkids will enjoy and benefit from for many years to come.


The difference between slander and libel, is slander can be excused as “Well, I didn’t hear exactly that”. However libel is in writing, and now in the electronic age, will last forever. So, when one has dirt on another Rotarian, please do share with the Spoke Editor, and now said facts will be memorialized in writing for eternity. Of course, please know the editor may or may not chose to publish them, but if salacious enough, what may not be put in written text will definitely be passed on to PRESIDENT VICTORIA as potential recognition material.


February is Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month. Check out the Rotarian edition for Febaruary and learn about the new peace center at Makerere Univesaity in Uganda, a reimagined peach fellowship program and ambitious plan for the future, Rotary International advances its push for global harmony. Don’t forget our Centennial Gala committee Mtg at Redlands country club 6:00pm on the back patio.

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