Spoke Newsletter – 01/18/2018

Spoke Newsletter – 01/18/2018

Karen Zirkle is the Director of Physical Medicine at the Spine and Joint Institute at Redlands Community Hospital. She will present an overview of that therapeutic specialty. No doubt, many of her patients, past, present, and future, will be in the audience.

Professor Masood Khan, Esq. presented “Everything You Wanted to Know About Islam and Muslims but Were Afraid to Ask.” Mr. Khan was born in Los Angeles after his parents emigrated from Pakistan in 1960. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Cal State Los Angeles for 12 years and has a private law practice as well. He reported that there are estimated to be 1.7 billion Muslins in the world with 50 million in China and between 3 million and 7 million in the United States; 81% of these are US citizens by birth or naturalization. He explained that all Muslims are obligated to perform Five Pillars of the religion: Worship, Faith, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage to Mecca. He also tried to correct some misconception about Sharia Law, which, he said, deals mainly with rules for Muslims concerning the proper place and practice of prayer, charity, diet, and rules for observance with little if any mandates on how to make non-Muslims behave. He characterized the violent Islamist extremists as “stupid thugs, fools, and yahoos”, comparing them to Ku Klux Klansmen and other misguided practitioners of perverted ideologies. He allowed that most of the bad behavior, violent or otherwise, of many of the higher-profile Muslims and Islamic countries stems from cultural differences independent of the religion, and that many of those molded Islam to fit their preexisting ethnic prejudices. Mr. Khan sparked lively debate and Q & A with the members, and bore our direct questions with grace.

To set the stage for the “Lincoln-palooza” festivities in Redlands in February, our own Manny, Moe, and Jack (Burgess, McCue, and Gonzales) will fill the air with a presentation “Lincoln and the Civil War.” Is war ever really civil?

As was mentioned in last week’s “Spoke” (if you got the online version), your first opportunity to serve is to sit on an interview panel at one or more of our local schools. The interview questions are preformatted, and all you need do is present them as one member of a panel and carefully evaluate the responses of the students. We need two Rotarians each to help with the following dates and times:1/24- Grove School, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM; 1/25- RHS, 9 AM – 10 AM; 1/26- REV, 9 AM – 10 AM; 1/29- CVHS, 9 AM – 10 AM; 1/30- ACA, 9 AM – 10 AM?; Orangewood- TBA. This is a very important service to a very important cause, so please sign up right away and talk to VICTORIA MARSHALL if you have any questions. Time is short!

January 22- TrueRedWineBoozeShoesBrew&BluesCruise RCOR Major Fundraiser Committee Meeting. 6:00 PM. Hudson Realty Conference Room 127 E State Street. You’d better be there….

January 23- RCOR Board Meeting. Noon. BYO Lunch if you want to. Conference Room of Brown, White Osborn LLP, 300 E. State St., Suite 300. All are invited, not just Red Badgers.

January 31- “Breakfast and a Book” at Franklin School Library on Colton Avenue. In at 7 AM and out by 7:45. Feed ‘em and Read ‘em! February 1- A “two-fer” week! “Breakfast and a Book” at Lugonia School Library on Pennsylvania Street. In at 7 AM and out by 7:45. Feed ‘em and Read ‘em!

February 1- Rising Stars Student Recognition Day

April 14- IE Rescue Human Trafficking Symposium at esri, focusing on Prevention, Justice, and Restoration for all forms of human trafficking, it’s victims, and it’s cost to society. Lots of chances to help; see DAVE MAUPIN, BEVERLY NOERR, OR KYRA STEWART.

Being as RCOR is a hip-and-groovy, swingin’ 21st Century kindof-a-Club, we often communicate with the members via email. If you have not received an email from BOTH Club Secretary Ralph Feller (RotarySec@aol.com) and/or Jim Nolin (cme4forms@aol. com) within the last 2 weeks, first, check your SPAM folder, and the one you haven’t heard from does not have your correct email address. All official club emails come from Ralph and I serve as an occasional backup, so if you want to stay “in the know,” please make sure we both have the correct email address. Send one to us! We promise not to bug you too much.

Today we welcome some of Redlands’ finest high school students! Welcome to Rotary Club of Redlands!

Last week, our student reps showed up after the school holiday, and the printed copies of “The Spoke” didn’t. Kind of takes the fun out of being the editor.

REFLECTIONS “The best cosmetic in the world is an active mind that is always finding something new.” -SANDI BENTLEY

This week I thought I would touch base on a couple of things. First, I would like to thank those who attended last week’s meeting as I hope it was informative and enlightening. I apologize for going over on the time. I will make every attempt to end on time as I recognize that we all have ongoing commitments, and it is my job to respect those commitments.

Next, the workweek ended on a very enjoyable note watching the roast of STAN WEISSER at the annual benchwarmers fundraiser. There were many dignitaries there and even ELLEN got in on the act. But it is not an easy job to roast STAN, as he is such a pillar in our community living the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.” In fact, our own Rotarian henchmen had such a difficult time getting dirt on STAN that they lashed out on other poor unsuspecting Rotarians present. Congratulations STAN.

Finally, in this month’s “Rotary” there is an interesting interview with former President and Humanitarian JIMMY CARTER. In the article, they ask him a number of questions in a very candid interview. The last question was “if you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would that be?” His answer was twofold. First, he referred to the formation of the United Nations as a platform to address all world disputes. Second, former President CARTER referred to the 1948 United Nations adoption of the “Universal Declaration of Human Right.” His dream is that there be a mandate that the disputed be resolved peacefully through the United Nations, and the human rights declaration be implemented by all countries. Interesting read.
That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.

Editor – Jim Nolin – Edition No. 28, January 18, 2018

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