Spoke Newsletter – 01/14/2016

Spoke Newsletter – 01/14/2016

Last Week

We sang Dixie, the cantata version. Actually that was pretty good planning on Dave Wilson’s part to burn up President Nathan’s fining time. Possibly Steve Davis could do a ten minute invocation. Anyway, we heard from FORS or Friends of Redlands Skate Park. The two co-founders, Maureen Perez and Justin Weekly presented, and had with them as their guest Mayor Pro Tem Jon Harrison to answer questions from the City’s perspective. With a little public / private cooperation, Redlands may actually have a skate park where the Plunge used to be.


We will hear from Dr. Don Buchanan, chairman of the Redlands Street Tree Committee, and Tim Sullivan, liaison from the City of Redlands, regarding the Redlands tree plan.

Next Week

If you have enjoyed stained glass windows here in Redlands, smaller than what you see at the University or 1st Congregational, likely it was done by local stained glass artist Tom Medlicott. Tom will discuss his craft and his works that grace our city.

Brazilian Guests

Also joining us last week was President Nyron McLean of the Riverside Sunrise Rotary club with six visiting Rotarians from Brazil here to exchange notes with educators in Southern California. Someone probably should have tipped them off that most schools are in break this time of year.

YMCA Grand Re-Opening

Front and center on the front page of last Sunday’s Daily Facts was our own Darwin Barnett welcoming guests to Saturday’s Grand Re-Opening of our YMCA. This was a celebration long in the making indeed. While easy fine material for Darwin’s photo and well attended event, we should also mention Bill Hatfield (with wife Lori) were recognized in a special presentation. Isn’t Bill this years PGC (President Golden Circle) campaign chair for Dar-

Red Wine and Blues – 2016

With seasoned veterans Dave Wilson and Sandi Bentley agreeing to co-chair the event again this year, we’re off to a good start. This past Tuesday saw the first official planning meeting hosted by Jan Hudson and Marv Hudson. Check out our RW&B website at http://redwineandblues.com/.


January is Vocational Service Month. Honestly, when I read that I had absolutely no idea what that meant, so I looked it up. According to RI, Vocational Service focuses on:

• Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations

• Recognizing the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians

• Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community

Our Club contributes to this theme all year long through the standard we demonstrate in our careers and with projects led by Rotarians, like Compact. So keep up the good work!

Next month is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution month. I hope many members of our Club will get a jump on that by attending this weekend’s Rotary World Peace Conference (beginning tomorrow!)”, held in nearby Ontario. The organizers have written that “The 2016 Rotary World Peace Conference will be an incredible opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions with leaders and experts in conflict prevention and resolution.” Rotary In-
ternational President Ravi Ravindran, Past RI President Ray Klinginsmith, and even actress Sharon Stone will be speaking at different sessions throughout the conference.

Editor: Neal Waner , January 14, 2016 No. 26

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