Spoke Newsletter – 01/24/2019

Spoke Newsletter – 01/24/2019

TODAY Our own JOHN TINCHER will present a discussion of “Charles Lindberg’s Final Flight”, a paper he wrote and presented to the Redlands Fortnightly Club. Few American icons provoke more enduring fascination than Charles Lindberg – renowned for his one-man transatlantic flight in 1927, remembered for the sorrow surrounding the kidnapping and death of his firstborn son in 1932, and reviled by many for his opposition to America’s entry into World War II. The paper is based upon John’s experiences with the Lindberg family during the final days of Charles’ life. This should be quite interesting.

LAST MEETING Redlands Police Officer ERIC PENDERY, Traffic Investigator for the City of Redlands for 17 years, gave us a presentation of the Redlands Citizen’s Volunteer Patrol. The Redlands Police Department Citizen Volunteer Patrol (CVP) was established in 1991 deploy speed monitoring equipment, and consists of both Volunteer Patrol and Volunteer Rangers. The structure of the CVP unit was predicated on the concept of a highly visible, uniformed, unarmed “eyes and ears” volunteer patrol force comprised primarily of retired community members seeking an opportunity to assist the police department in making the streets of the community a safer place. The CVP supply approximately 19,000 hours per year to the City, including crime scene perimeter, citizen and property transport and special event traffic control.

NEXT WEEK Our tradition of Craft Talks on the fifth Thursday of the month will be presented from our own club members. This is always an interesting way to get to know our fellow members of the club. Congratulations to our Students of the Month from last week

MIKE BOSMAN is still looking for a few interested Rotarians to help with the RYLA interviews. Please see Mike if you are interested in helping to chose the students which will participate in this life changing experience. Mark your calendars; the annual Winemaker Dinner is scheduled for March 25, 2019. Stayed tuned for more details regarding “Red Wine and Brews”.

JIM NOLIN reminds us that one of our most popular events, Touch-A-Truck, will be held on Saturday, June 8th, just 20 weeks away. Mark your calendars and be sure to participate in this wonderful event.

THE FABLE OF TWO FROGS This is the story of two frogs – an optimistic frog and a pessimistic frog, each of which fell in a jar of cream. The pessimistic frog thought at once “I am doomed. I cannot breathe. I cannot get out. I shall be drowned.” And he was. The optimistic frog didn’t know what to do, either, but being optimistic he was confident, and being confident he was dynamic. He started to move in all directions. He kicked his legs vigorously. And what happened. Why, the cream was churned to butter and soon the optimistic frog was sitting on a chunk of it at the top of the jar, breathing freely and quite happy. All of which proves it is better to attempt to do something than nothing. Let’s be a transformational Rotary Club – vibrant, relevant, and alive – members will be engaged and new members will be eager to join up.

PRESIDENT’S COLUMN January’s theme is Vocational Service month for Rotary International. If you’re interested in Vocational Service let myself or a board member know! Rotary International has Vocational Training Teams as well as Rotary Action Groups to help with getting vocational services into existing projects that need them! So during January let’s all be sure to think about how our vocation can translate into helping others locally, nationally, or even worldwide. Whether you’re an educator who can help with literacy projects (breakfast and a book?) or a doctor who can provide your expertise to others who don’t have access to healthcare, we all can help through our vocation in some way!

Editor—Patrick Meyer—Edition No. 28, January 24, 2019

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