Spoke 12-10-20

Spoke 12-10-20


CAROL RUHM, Principal of Orangewood Continuation High School will talk about distance learning at the school and other developments, and perhaps dispel some misperceptions about the curriculum, student body, and maybe a couple of teachers.


“A Tale of Two Foundations.” Past President SHIRLEY HARRY explained the mission and importance of the Redlands Rotary Foundation and Rotary International Foundation. Both Foundations are 501[c]3 entities with charitable missions. The RI Foundation was founded and funded in 1917 by Arch Klumph for purposes of “Doing Good in the World” with his personal donation of $26.50 to kick things off. However, the first grant from the fund for $500.00 for the benefit of crippled children wasn’t made until 1917. Skipping ahead to 1965, the first matching grants from the RI Foundation to Districts were awarded based on Rotarians’ contributions to the RI Foundation. This process continues today as the money donated by Rotarians is held for a time by RI then returned to Clubs in the form of District Designated Funds (“DDF”). One of the recognitions every Rotarian should aspire to is to become a “Paul Harris Fellow,” a Rotarian who donates a total $1,000.00 to the RI Foundation either as a lump sum or in the aggregate over years. An additional recognition is awarded for every $1,000.00 plateau reached. Our own PREZ JOHN TINCHER is a 9-time Paul Harris Fellow. Any Rotarian can check their giving history by logging onto “MyRotary.org.” In the upper right of the landing page, use the drop-down under your name, then “My Donations” then “Donor History Report.”

As for the Redlands Rotary Foundation, that was founded in 1989 by several Redlands Rotarians, including BEN RABE, ERNEST CRONEMEYER, and BILL MCCALMON. The major focus of our Foundation is service to local youth, including scholarships for secondary students. The proceeds also help fund Breakfast and a Book, Rising Stars, Students of the Month, the Dictionary project, the Four-Way Speech Contest, our music competition, RYLA and PRYDE, and many other community outreach efforts of RCOR.


It’s the last meeting for 2020 and a great day for a “Drive By” RCOR Holiday Party! Pick up your delectable Prime Rib lunch from Santa Tincher and his Merry Elves in the Congregational Church parking lot. Then retire to your office or home and enjoy the online program presented by JAMES BENANTI and the Euterpean Performance Artists of Redlands High School. Reserve your lunch NOW with VICTORIA MARSHALL.


The City of Redlands’ Recreation Department “Virtual Christmas Parade” will take place on December 19th and it is still rumored that Rotary Club of Redlands and the Sunrise Club will join forces to spread Christmas joy like so much reindeer dung on the drive-by celebrants. Stay tuned for the details.

Please continue to email BOB TINCHER with the number of COVID-19 tests taken by members of your household. The results are not important or necessary to reveal, only the number of tests. After all, it is a competition between service clubs to see who gets the most people tested. Thanks, too, to JULIE MICHAELS who has offered to sandbag the contest by including the mandatory weekly tests taken by all her employees at Plymouth Village.

KATHI JENSEN thanks every Rotarian volunteer in advance for stepping up to direct traffic and maintain safety on December 12th and 13th at the Burrage Mansion’s Holiday Extravaganza.


NOW is the time to fulfill pledges to the Redlands Rotary Foundation and Rotary International Foundation. Donations to the latter may be made online at MyRotary.org, and to the former by mailing a check or credit card information to Cal Boothby.


Cal will also cheerfully collect your Club dues any time this year.


“Ever notice that the invocations are shorter since Steve Davis left the Club?”


1920 — Following increased violence during the Irish Revolution, the British declare martial law in counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick, and Tipperary. Bernie O’Prey is still bothered by this.

1929 — Robert the Bruce, a Scottish hero who ruled as king and freedom fighter in Scotland, has had his heart misplaced. This was discovered when Rev. Dr. Christie suggested that Robert the Bruce’s heart should be buried in Israel. A shriveled heart was found, but experts said it was not the right heart.

1944 – Chaing Kai-Shek gave his consent to the Communists having a share in China’s government and military. The Communist leaders were seeking a coalition to fend off the Japanese invasion of Northern China.

1953 – Hugh Hefner published the first “Playboy” magazine with a capitalization of $7,600.00.

2009 — President Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize awarded the previous October. In his speech in Oslo, he defended the U.S. role in Afghanistan, arguing that the use of force could bring lasting peace. The ceremony in the Norwegian capital came days after he announced he was sending thirty thousand additional military personnel to Afghanistan.


As I do my daily 2 ½ mile walk these days, it’s really feeling like winter is just around the corner. The crispness and clearness of the air helps get me in the spirit of the season. It’s a great time of year! And, in spite of the pandemic, it’s a busy time of the year for our Club. In addition to a competition to help identify asymptomatic carriers of the virus and thus help our County move to a better style of life, we will soon be joining other service clubs in Redlands to hand out stockings to children as families drive by the Burrage Mansion. A few days later we’ll be helping our Kiwanis friends with their reverse Holiday Parade. And, be sure to call, text, or email VICTORIA with your order for our traditional Prime Rib Dinner which will be delivered at 11:30 AM on Dec. 17, contactless, in your car. Even though we can’t be in the same room, we can still enjoy this meal together. At sundown today our Jewish members begin Hanukkah. In this special season for them, I want to wish them a very Happy and Healthy Hanukkah. I hope to see all of you later today.

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