Spoke 11-19-20

Spoke 11-19-20


Dr. TOMAS D. MORALES, President of Cal State University San Bernardino will address us about the developments at his University. Doubtless, he also he will address the Pandemic and its effect upon all of higher education. Dr. MORALES became president in 2012, the fourth since it opened in 1965. A champion of student success, he has advocated access to higher education and preparing young people to succeed in college throughout his career. During his presidency, sustained growth in overall enrollment, number of degrees awarded, community engagement and fund raising have all sustained growth. Major capital additions to the campus have also come during his presidency. DR. MORALES received the Cesar Estrada Chaves Award from the American Association for Access, Equality & Diversity in 2019 for his “Outstanding leadership in higher education, spearheading the effort to cultivate the nation’s future leaders from K-12 through college.” Welcome, Tomas.


LYNN WHITMER, president of the Redlands Community Foundation, presented through many voices a history and presentation about current projects of the Foundation. Established in 2001, RCF seeks to serve the diverse interest in Redlands that until the Foundation was established had no vehicle for donors to fulfill their dream for Our Town. Its mission statement reads: “Today the Redlands Community foundation exists to maintain and improve the quality of life in Redlands and its surrounding communities by providing leadership that addresses the diverse philanthropic desires of local donors.” Since that time millions of dollars have been given, endowed, passed through to specific charities and causes, to Redlands and contiguous population. In seeking to relieve stress from the Pandemic for older senior residents, the Foundation pioneered a cooperative project with Meal on Wheels that drew broad support, and still is receiving donations to see that no senior who needs meal assistance will be deprived. LYNN pointed to the just completed new initiative to present a comprehensive free four part webinar on Zoom. It is aimed for boards of local non-profit organizations. Many Donor advised funds support a variety of causes, ranging from trees and education, history and open space, support for healthy living, burn victims, youth programs, the arts, first responders, and sports. Many organizations with Rotarians on their boards receive donations from RCF.
Acknowledged by LYNN were Rotarians NATHAN GONZALES AND CHRIS ALVAREZ for their help with the Zoom webinars. Founding members of RCF included former Rotarians Carole Beswick and Fred Board, and CURRENT members LARRY BURGESS, BILL HATFILED, BILL MCCALMON, LYNDA SCHAUF, JAN SHERMAN, CHRISTOPHER WALKER, STAN WEISSER and the late LARRY WORMSER. Rotarians presently on the board include, CHRIS ALVAREZ, LARRY BURGESS, JANE DREHER, DON MCCUE, BEVERLY NOERR, SABINE ROBERTSON-PHILLIPS, and CHRIS WALKER.


Thanksgiving. Blessings on all of us in what will be a truly unique and sobering occasion for our nation.


DARWIN BARNETT wants to remind Rotarians about a unique virtual home tour December 5 and 6 featuring homes that you will NEVER be able to tour in person. Tickets can be purchased online at https://ymcahometour.org/. Ticket prices for this 53rd annual tour go to the support of the Y’s Legal Aid program. Before November 30 tickets are $20.


WE salute with best wishes the November “babies” that include GLENN GOODWIN, ROBERT HEINZE, FLORIN ROMINU, JIM WATSON, and STAN WEISSER. May your next year be filled with joy, good health, and the love of family and friends? We appreciate your being part of our Rotary Club.


In RALPH HONE’S history of our Club, Friday, May 1, 1970 Redlands Rotarians celebrated their Club’s 50th anniversary. Writ large for us is that Pandemic has created a non-celebration of a large gathering for our Centennial this year. University of Redlands economics professor FRANK GREENWAY was Club president. During the year the annual roster and the weekly Spokes all carried a Golden Anniversary logo. He presided in the Casa Loma Room at the University over a dinner and program amidst a festive atmosphere. Visiting dignitaries include the city’s Mayor, a Rotarian. University officials, including its President, were Rotarians. Other service clubs and other Rotary Clubs were represented, too .G. CALDER BENNETT, the one surviving charter member received special recognition. He was still a club member when he greeted me as a new member in 1972. There were talks, reminiscence, and music. Probably the only thing missing of what might have been the same format for 2020 is the bibulous nature of our gatherings….


Your Board of Directors has been hard at work. In addition to organizing an effort to connect with members whom we have not seen lately on Zoom, some other exciting decisions were made. From District Designated Funds, which is money returned to the District from contributions made to the RI Foundation Fund, your Board allocated one third share of the more than $2,000 to the following three causes: Human Trafficking, Polio, and the Peanut Butter Project. All are very worthy projects. KATHI JENSEN will head up our participation in TIM ROCHFORD’S Christmas project at the Burrage Mansion as well as the Kiwanis Parade. If you can help with those two projects, please let KATHI know as soon as possible. They are important parts of our community involvement during the holiday season. Additional good news is the fact that our new directory will be available soon.

Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 21, November 19, 2020

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