Spoke 11-12-20

Spoke 11-12-20


We welcome “one of our own,” LYNN WHITMER. As president of the Redlands Community Foundation, LYNN will report upon the diverse activities and programs supported by the Foundation. Since its establishment in 2,000, RCF has directed millions of dollars to benefit diverse organizations in Redlands and contiguous locations. You will be delighted by the program format LYNN has chosen, and it involves brief presentations from Rotarians and from community leaders illustrating the importance of the RCF to Our Town. 



Another “one of our own,” BOB TINCHER presented a timely and well-prepared survey of the newest state water projects that have direct impact and benefits for our region. The work and responsibilities of the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District are but little understood by most residents of the east San Bernardino Valley. Its origins some 60 years ago came after a titanic battle of water rights with us local folks taking on the State and the all-powerful Metropolitan Water District. Ultimately, we prevailed and as the highest figure on your property tax bill, SBVWD is permanently in your life. BOB is to be thanked for making a difficult subject clear and direct. And also it is a subtle reminder of our responsibilities when we vote for our district’s representative to the organization’s board. BOB reminds us that it is either feast or famine for the hydrology of California. This reality is behind the recent $16 billion dollar project to bring by tunnel and canal more delta water south. Eighteen participants are ponying up funds, with our share at 2.8% of the costs= $445,000,000. The good news: the money is “in the bank.” The need for water locally is perennial. The state is caught up in a severe drought, some of which historically can last as long as 200 years. Surviving within that reality means confronting regulations that focus on fish decline, earthquake faults, sea level rise, and etc. that impact construction of this two- decade-to-build project. While the water portfolio of Redlands is better than most other cities in our region, we still require more that we consume, all the while needing to recharge our basin. And, BOB, son of our President JOHN, even ran a poll of club members presenting a quiz about his presentation. His carefully prepared, illustrated talk, sold itself to the house: 90% of those attending expressed project support in the “vote.” 



Dr. THOMAS MORALES, President, California State University San Bernardino. Many academic and capital projects are taking place at the University as well as the challenging times of operating a college during a pandemic. Should be most enlightening and compelling. On The Health Front: It was good to see PAT MEYER on the screen joining us last week. While still rebuilding his strength, he is cautiously and deliberately recovering at home. Good news continues from JIM HOLMES recovery from complex brain surgery. By this time he should be returning to his home. Paul Harris Fellow news: Thanks to MICHELLE WANG for becoming one of the latest Fellows and thereby advancing Rotary International’s century-plus work to better our world. 



Spurred on by the presentation to our Club from KERRY HEINRICH, BOB TINCHER has come up with a plan to stimulate competition among Rotary Clubs in San Bernardino County as well as to challenge other service clubs in Redlands to challenge their clubs located in our County. His plan is to encourage everyone to get tested for Covid 19 so that we can move our County out of the most restrictive tier. He is joined by David Schepps from the Sunrise Club. Together they are working on the challenge and the reporting from each Club between now and the end of the year with the winning club to receive a special trophy or banner. If like me, you’ve not been tested, now is the time to do so. Its free and available at the Orange Show Dome, off Gate 4, at the Mill St. entrance by walkin or appointment, the latter of which can be acquired at sbcovid19.com. And, after getting tested and encouraging your friends to get tested please email BOB (Tincher. bob@gmail.com) with the number of persons tested. Once again let’s show our County the location of real Rotarians who want to do “what is beneficial to all concerned”! 


Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 20, November 12, 2020

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