Spoke 11-05-20

Spoke 11-05-20


BOB TINCHER, son of President JOHN, is Chief Resources Officer/Deputy General manager for the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District. A registered civil engineer, he holds a master’s degree in Engineering from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a bachelor’s in engineering from University of Redlands. BOB has been with the District for 28 years. He is currently involved in the development of the $3 billion Sites Reservoir Project and the $ 16 billion Delta Conveyance Project. These large water supply projects will not only benefit the state, but also our region. SBVMD is planning to invest over $400M to help build a 36-foot tunnel across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It will take water from behind Oroville Dam under the Delta into the California Aqueduct where, after its four hundred mile journey to our valley, will come out of your tap. BOB will discuss the benefits and the costs. 



KERRY HEINRICH, J.D, CEO of Loma Linda University Medical Center, introduced by NEAL WANER, presented an engaging, timely, and enlightening report on the hundreds of millions of dollar expansion of the Loma Linda Medical Center. What is unique about the project is the seismic standards for construction. More about this later…. Heinrich talked of the COVID-19 situation in Riverside and San Bernardino County. Loma Linda ICU rapidly filled to capacity during the spike after July first. Then with the recent spike in our area, there is now a major worry about COVID and the flu season and the implications of that volatile combination. We are already seeing an uptick of the flu numbers this season. Heinrich stated that the nation was not prepared with a national policy at the start of COVID. All of the hospitals needed the same supplies, and there was not enough at the first outbreak. Riverside and San Bernardino counties are in the purple zone, the highest infection rate. Containment is made complicated by the nature of tests that reflect conditions of a moment in time. Also, the medical community is often at odds with California government. He presented shocking statistics [editorial comment: “discriminatory”] of how state and federal reimbursements are given to the Inland Empire: we are at the bottom of reimbursements. Hospitals are in financial losses, and a new round of funding is necessary. Now, back to seismic safety and California law. The state mandates requirements for seismic safety for hospitals. The whole building is on a required system of “rollers” as well as concrete and rebar installed in deep excavations that ran up the final price tag. 



Club member LYNN WHITMER will provide a lively account of multiple initiatives of the Redlands Community Foundation. Birthday boys and girls for October were honored with a quiz and fine from Prexy JOHN. Those recognized included, CHARI ARNETTE, JANE DREHER, DAVID GAUTHIER, SHIRLEY HARRY, HARRY JOHN, DON MCCUE, JOHN MILLS, GENEVA LABATE, SHERYLL PRINZ-MCMILLAN, BRUCE SATZGER, and LYNN WHITMER. Congratulations, and we are delighted to have you as club mates! 



Setting the tone for Rotary “makeups,” PREZ JOHN presided from Las Vegas, broadcasting from a suite made especially available to him. Rumor has it STEVE DAVIS has removed from Redlands to Santa Barbara. JANE DREHER, official in Steve’s First Congregational Church, can doubtless provide details…. Best of good thoughts to JIM HOLMES who underwent successful, complicated, brain surgery and is now in convalescence. Notes and cards via BETTY AUTON BECK until JIM can receive phone calls… 



As I write this, I’m aware that 1/3 of this Rotary year has come and gone. Somehow, we’ve been able to keep our Club more than just alive. Certainly, the contest to fill the shelves of our Family Services Association played a major role in keeping us active. Now, one of our new members, BOB TINCHER, has come up with another competition which could help our County move out of the COVID-19 purple tier to a more comfortable living level. I can’t elaborate at this point, except to say that this is an exciting opportunity for our Club to lead this community in a very special way. More will be said soon. I miss seeing many of you who, for one reason or another, have not joined us for our Zoom meetings. For those of you who have hung in week after week, I can only say, THANKS! I take solace in knowing that better days lie ahead! 


Editor – Larry Burgess – Edition No. 19, November 5, 2020

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