Spoke 10-29-20

Spoke 10-29-20



KERRY HEINRICH, JD, Loma Linda University Medical Center CEO will be our presenter. KERRY HEINRICH has been CEO since 2014 and joined Loma Linda University Health in 1984 as part of the legal counsel team. Prior to that, he served as a partner at Shilt & Heinrich, LLP, a Loma Linda-based law firm. In 2017 he was named one of “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know” by Becker’s Hospital Review. It will be nice to get to know him and to learn about what is happening at Loma Linda University Medical Center. 



SKIP ESSICK, Rotary Club President of San Miguel de Allende shared the history and beauty of San Miguel from Lima (Lost In Middle America), OH. San Miguel de Allende is a world heritage city and Redland’s Sister City. Their Rotary Club has completed many projects that serve indigenous people and empower women. Those include projects to support rainwater reclamation, dry composting toilets in rural areas, a mobile library, a school for the deaf, job training and placement, and apiculture. 



BOB TINCHER, San Bernardino Valley Water District Chief Water Resources Officer/Deputy General Manager will be our presenter. BOB is a civil engineer and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Redlands and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. We look forward to learning what it takes to ensure there is water available whenever we turn a tap. 



Just a note that there were 41 participants at last week’s meeting. This is a 9% decrease from the previous week. If you didn’t’ attend, you missed out on hearing what JOHN TINCHER is giving away from his front porch. 



The District Governor Nominating Committee selected JAMIE ZINN of the Lake Arrowhead Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club as District Governor for the 2023-24 Rotary Year. 



Our Prez shared with us that he enjoyed his time studying in San Miguel de Allende during his college days and he “got to go back” in 2008. What happened in college that he had to wait that long for the statute of limitations in Mexico to lapse? 



October 29, 1969 – The first host-to-host connection over the ARPANET (predecessor to the internet) is made when a message is sent between two computers a UCLA. Al Gore claims he was there. October 29, 1998 – The South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was to “was to uncover the truth about past abuse, using amnesty as a means of allowing perpetrators of crimes relating to human rights violations, to apologize rather than to be punished past crimes”. The commission presented its report, which condemned both sides for committing atrocities. 



If you were one of the members who were not at our last meeting (sadly, you were in the majority, as less than half of our members are usually in attendance at a Zoom meeting) you missed my announcement that we now have District 5330 pins provided by District Governor, BARRY VALDEZ. These pins will be a favorite for those who collect such items. They feature a motorcycle with the District number in one wheel and the Rotary symbol in the other. They are available for pickup at your convenience, contact free. They have been placed on my front porch bench at 21 W. Palm Lane Dr. You can enter our private street from Palm Ave. right across the street from Plymouth Village and just east of the Cajon and Palm Ave. intersection. Please feel free to take as many as you can use. We do have plenty. 


Editor – Roger Uminski – Edition No. 18, October 29, 2020

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