Spoke 07-08-2021

Spoke 07-08-2021


BEVERLY NOERR the Executive Director of the Redlands Bowl Performing Arts with more than 25 years of experience in the performing arts, will be speaking about the wonderful schedule of events this coming summer. Rotary Club of Redland has been a supportive partner of the Redlands Bowl as ushers during the summer concerts. We still need to help BEV which on 13 July/Balsam Ridge & Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band on Aug 6. Signup sheets for these dates will be at club today. Please step up!


HEATHER ROSS, General Manager of the Asistencia and graduate of USC (Go Trojans) spoke to us about what it was like to participate in organizing big events, especially the Olympics. She explained just how much effort goes into the event and exactly how the participants village works…and the many rules! Only 23 countries have hosted the Olympics and 2012 was the first year to have women from every entered country.


We will hear from Redlands Assistant Police Chief TRAVIS MARTINEZ who oversees the Special Operations Bureau. During the 2011 fiscal crisis, LT. MARTINEZ sought an innovative strategy to address crime trends occurring in the community. RPD began deploying specialized GPS technology to apprehend those that were driving the crime rate up. Experiencing immediate results with arrests for crimes such as burglary, armed robbery and commercial burglary he focused his California Command College project on how GPS technology could be used to address crime.


Today in 1948 the US Air Force admitted the first woman recruit to serve her country!

In 2011 Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched as the final mission of the Space Shuttle Program.


We were honored to have JOYCE JEFFREY with us to celebrate MIKE BOSMAN’s first meeting along with MIKE’s kids TOMMY and KALI.

MIKE’s challenge to the club that he would match dollar for dollar “fines” last week were well met. Remember he said “fines actually paid that day so he matched a very respectable $1,500 while total fines were higher! They included AJ BEECHKO, TOM ROGERS, DAVE MAUPIN, JIM NOLIN, PAT MEYER, RB AUSTIN and BILL MCCALMON…if I missed you, truth is I quit writing them down after a while.

4th of July was a great moment for Rotarians to help out. Not only did the club contribute, many members were involved also. During the day I saw JERRY & MARILYN BEAN, JIM NOLIN, MIKE BOSMAN, NATHAN GONZALES, SHELLI STOCKTON and DAVE MAUPIN. Probably more…


Last week was a great start to the new year for our club and our fellow Rotarians. We were able to break bread, socialize, laugh and get a sense of normalcy in our lives again. The club was successful in raising nearly $3,000 for our foundation. Thank you to all our Rotarians who continue to be very gracious and generous with the time and wallets. Thank you to all our members who stood up and accepted Board and committee positions, our club does not function without our time and commitments.

Editor -Mike Bosman – Edition No. 2, July 8, 2021

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