Spoke 06-10-2021

Spoke 06-10-2021


We will hear from GARNER HOLT. Garner Holt Productions (GHP) is located here in our very own Redlands and has done animatronics for some very well recognized theme parks among many other locations! GHP is the internationally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of animatronic figures, show and ride systems, show action equipment, special effects, and sets and scenery. Outside GHP’s professional sphere, GARNER is deeply involved with community and philanthropic groups and causes.


JIM NOLIN did a pretty awesome program last week, “My Rotary Life: The How, When, and Why of My Rotary Membership and When I Became a Rotarian”, talking about his involvement in Rotary. It was certainly a piquant presentation.

He joined our club because: The meetings were fun and informative; he liked and admired the members; he appreciated the mission; he could perform service and serve youth outside of the boy scouts; and he wanted to become a larger part of the Redlands community.

The most important story he shared about his service came at Breakfast and a Book, when a child, who said nothing the entire time, hugged his leg on her way out the door “That’s the moment I became a Rotarian.”


We will hear from DANIELLE OEHLMAN of Stater Bros. Charities. DANIELLE is Director of Stater Bros. Charities, the philanthropic arm for Stater Bros. Markets, with over ten years in the nonprofit industry and corporate philanthropy. DANIELLE is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Stater Bros. Charities and specializes in grant funding, fundraising and development, strategic planning, cause marketing, and more. DANIELLE is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Inland Empire and Inland Women Fighting Cancer committee. Driven by her passion for philanthropy, Danielle is dedicated to helping build stronger, resilient communities in her native home of Southern California.


Last week marked the club officially back to meeting in person. It was great to get back!

Back In person


If you heard loud cheering at your house last Thurs. at around 12:10(because you didn’t attend the Rotary meeting) it was likely coming from our traditional meeting room. The normal in-person meeting was a joyous occasion to say the least. The hugging amongst vaccinated Rotarians was a special treat to behold and to enjoy. So, if you didn’t make it last week your joyous return can still be special this Thurs, June 10 at 12:10. Come enjoy good box lunches prepared by caterer, BRANDON, as well as great fellowship with your fellow Rotarians who are clearly more than just a head in the Zoom window. And, as you noted in the Spoke, GARNER HOLT will be with us to present his usual very interesting program. See you Thurs. at Rotary.

Editor – Joseph Horzen – Edition No. 47, June 10, 2021

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