SPOKE 05-20-2021

SPOKE 05-20-2021


JIM O’NEILL serves as the Area 5 Trustee for the Redlands Unified School District. An alumnus of University of Redlands, he is a lifelong educator. He has taught at every level, served as principal at Bryn Mawr, Mentone, and Lugonia elementary schools, and served as a district office director of instructional technology. Jim retired in 2013, and has served on the RUSD Board of Education since 2016. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Redlands and current Kiwanian of the Year, but we won’t hold that against him.


KAITLIN MORRIS, the development manager for Village Partners, the firm that is working on the redevelopment of the Redlands Mall, made a fascinating presentation about their plans for the Redlands Mall site. Their design includes pedestrian-oriented retail and dining on the ground floor, subterranean parking as well as a parking structure, and residential spaces that will include both owner-occupied condominiums as well as rental units. Her explanations about building design, massing, and height went a long way to better inform every one of the goals and challenges that development faces.


DAN MIULI grew up in Chicago, IL and completed his medical training in Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and London. He became board certified in neurosurgery early in his career. Since 2001 he has served the underprivileged of the Inland Empire and internationally through undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education, healthcare, volunteerism, and service to the community.


Have you heard that soon-to-be-president of University of Redlands KRISTA L. NEWKIRK, soon-to-be past president of Converse College in South Carolina, is a ROTARIAN?? Was that the item on the resume that put her “over-the-top” for UofR Presidential Search Committee chair LARRY BURGESS? She will be in good company with past presidents of the university who were also Rotarians VICTOR DUKE, CLARENCE HOWE THURBER, ELAM ANDERSON, GEORGE ARMACOST, EUGENE DAWSON, and DOUG MOORE.


Touch A TruckReady, steady, go! According to King of Touch-a-Truck JIM NOLIN, the event is set for September 4, 2021 at a new event location which will be announced soon. If you haven’t volunteered to help on one of the committees, never fear – your chance will make itself manifest very soon!


Did you know that May 20 is the Feast Day of St. Bernardino (September 8, 1380 – May 20, 1444), namesake of the San Bernardino Valley and City of San Bernardino? In what is very likely an apocryphal story, a priest named Dumetz arrived in this valley on May 20, 1810, and proclaimed it San Bernardino. Never mind that Dumetz was either too sick to travel or already dead… and when you see “City of San Bernardino: Founded May 20, 1810”, don’t be fooled. That fair city wasn’t actually founded until the early 1850s!


If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you’re one of the 45-50 Rotarians who have actively participated in our Club’s weekly meetings this year. WE NEED YOU! If you’d like to serve as the editor of this noteworthy publication for the month of June, please make your inclination known – After all, surely no one wants to read yet another month of drivel provided by today’s editor.


As I write this, I’m reminded of the 11 Governor’s Citations that our Club received at the District Conference. This reflects the fact that even in the worst of times our Club is still strong, thanks especially to the 40+ members who tolerated Zoom in place of regular meetings. As we prepare to return to traditional meetings in person, I hope that everyone (those who hate Zoom and those who tolerated it) will make an effort to support the presidency of Mike Boseman. As all past presidents know, the president of our Club can only be as successful as his/her members allow through support of their Club.

Our goal is to let today be our final meeting on Zoom. Since there are variables to be considered, I will need to email everyone when we have been able to make final arrangements. Hopefully, the worst-case scenario will be the first meeting in June. Please watch you email.

Editor – Nathan D. Gonzales – Edition No. 44, May 20, 2021

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