Spoke 03-25-21

Spoke 03-25-21


CHARLES M. DUGGAN JR., our Redlands City Manager will be speaking to us today. When he began his work for the city fourteen months ago, he said, “My initial goals will be learning the values of the community; working for the citizens with and through their elected officials; listening to residents’ views on the future of Redlands and being a part of a team focused on providing the very best service that local government has to offer.” We look forward to hearing what he has learned about Redlands.


DR. LARRY BURGESS presented a very interesting craft talk to our members, discussing his work as a historian. He graduated from the UR in 1967 as a history major. Becoming a senior in his history classes, he began to ask, “do the people who said that, really know what they are saying?” He then realized one of the great historical rules, “recognize that there are more people in the world than historians that are practicing history without a license.” In his career as a historian, he realized that his task was “trying to make sense in the interpretations over time of what we are about.” As one of his graduate school professors said, “history basically is a dialogue between past and present about the future”. He particularly recognized Professors Henry Ditmar (a long-time member of this club) and Jay Davis Applewhite who were mentors to him. Professor Applewhite recommended that Larry write about local history. Thus, his senior honor’s thesis was on the History of Redlands, He then traveled down the road to The Claremont Graduate School to study Latin American History. However, his Master’s Thesis advisor, John Kimble at the Pomona Graduate College, asked him to research the naming of Smiley Hall on the Pomona College campus as Larry was from Redlands. That was Larry’s introduction to the Smiley Family. The rest is history. His Master’s Thesis was a Biography of the Smiley Twins which eventually was published as a book. Thus, a whole new world opened concerning the Smiley family from New York. Eventually hired as a part time archivist at the Lincoln Shrine, over the next several years Dr. Burgess reawakened the significant history of the generosity of the Smiley family, more specifically the identical twins Albert and Alfred Smiley to the City of Redlands.


KELLY COOPER, UR Athletics Facilities Supervisor, assisted by UR athletic director JEFF MARTINEZ, will share some insights about his nearly 25 years in the athletic turf industry. What does it take to keep the natural grass surfaces in all the Bulldog Athletic facilities in top shape year around? Learn more about that experience with the Rose Bowl and NCAA Championships. Kelly is a man among men in this industry. Don’t miss it.


Thanks to PRESIDENT JOHN and NIKA HOGUE and their Rotarian rowdies for preparing such a tasty post St. Patrick’s Day delight. If you forgot today, it’s not too late to send a check to CAL for a gift to the club in the amount for what you would have spent at our Mystery Dinner Fundraiser.

Dinner at Lunch


Our own DAWN MCCOY was one of two 2021 Women of Distinction honored by California Assembly member JAMES RAMOS. Rotarians on the virtual call to champion DAWN were PRESIDENT JOHN TINCHER, JOHN PATTERSON, JIM PINDER, DON MCCUE and CHRIS ALVAREZ.

2021 Women of Distinction


Don’t forget to donate blood now! The contest ends March 31. NIKA HOGUE and CHRIS ALVAREZ continue spearheading the competition among twelve local service clubs. Our club specific code is ORNO.


At 7:45 a.m., a week ago last Thursday, your crack Rotary Scholarship Interview team were on the job conducting final interviews finishing up at 12:30 p.m. While interviewing on ZOOM was definitely a different experience, the Rotary interviewers, which included CHRIS ALVAREZ, JANE DREYER, JEFF MARTINEZ, JOHN TINCHER and your editor, would report feeling very comfortable with the eventual choices they made. The decisions made awarded $64,000 to sixteen RUSD students. This year, for the first time in my tenure as Chair, our club was the first service club to pick our scholarship recipients. Three outstanding students were each awarded a $6000 scholarship which will be renewed for three more years of support totaling $24,000 each student. This support resulted from a new scholarship this year, the Rotary Club of Redlands Rhodes Family Scholarship.


In his recent text, Zooming for Nonprofits, author NATHAN GONZALES reminds us that your ZOOM background is important. On page 31 of his text, you will find Tip # 12. “When preparing for a ZOOM job interview, always consider what your interviewer sees in your background. For example, I was contacted by an individual who had his unmade bed behind him in the background. This was unfortunate as recently the act of making your bed first thing each day has received some notoriety. In this candidate’s case, it was particularly a problem as he was five minutes late for the interview and had not had sufficient time to comb his hair. This led the interviewer to possibly assume that the candidate had had a bit of a tough previous night and almost slept through the interview.”


What a great luncheon we enjoyed together last Thursday! It was wonderful to see each of you who picked up your lunch, masked or unmasked. I am grateful to VICTORIA MARSHALL, MIKE BOSEMAN and CHRIS WALKER for their assistance in serving the plates and the wine. Extra special thanks go to CAL BOOTHBY for his usual, and most appreciated, thorough job of getting every thing set up for this luncheon. Its no secret that there are many things that need attention in order to serve nearly 60 meals. And, finally, thanks to all of you who signed up and showed up to pick up those meals. If you haven’t signed up to give blood or money, please remember that we have a contest going against some 13 or 14 other Rotary Clubs. Hopefully, we’ll have a report on progress with this contest at today’s meeting.

Editor – Christopher Walker – Edition No. 36, March 25, 2021

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