Spoke 03-11-21

Spoke 03-11-21


We are privileged to have as our speaker, Republican California State Senator ROSILICIE OCHOA BOGH. Elected in November 2020, she represents the one million people of California Senate District 23, largely the Inland Empire. She follows District 23 Republican State Senator Mike Morell who termed out in 2020. Her experience includes serving on the Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified School District Board, a former president of the Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as a former board member of the East Valley Association of Realtors. SENATOR OCHOA BOGH and Greg Bogh, her husband of 24 years, live with their son, two daughters and a Cocker Spaniel named Penny.


Last week we were joined by the Superintendent of the Redlands Unified Schol District, MAURICIO ARELLANO. A frequent speaker at our club, he brought us up to date on the RUSD efforts with Covid 19. With privates using in person instruction, there was pressure on the RUSD to do likewise. Decisions as to how that should be done depends on who you talk to. Every decision seems to make some someone unhappy. So all RUSD Elementary Schools will be open for in-person instruction starting on Monday, April 5. The goal is to allow each student to feel physically and emotionally safe and comfortable. This is no easy task. Additional custodians have been hired to routinely sanitize surfaces throughout the day. There will be no shared educational or athletic equipment. Each student will have their own Chromebook. Face coverings will be mandatory and there will be plexiglass shields for each desk. Classes will be divided into cohorts of a teacher and 14 students. Even ventilation units have been upgraded to a MERV rating of 13. There will be daily pre-screening questionnaires as well as temperature checks. All teachers wanting vaccinations have received them through a special District vaccination plan hosted at CVHS. An assessment of what learning has been missed during online Covid 19 instruction will be completed shortly with possible spring break or Saturday makeup instructional sessions in the future. Congratulations to the Superintendent, our own Sabine and RUSD Administrators and teachers for working so hard on behalf of our students.


We can look forward to the dulcet tones of our own DR. LARRY BURGESS who will speak to us about “the historian’s craft”. This editor understands that DR. BURGESS will be naming names concerning his long delayed forthcoming publication, Hanky Panky on the Zanja. So plan to attend unless you are concerned you will be one of those named!


Next Thursday, March 18, PRESIDENT JOHN and his merry band of helpers will be preparing a feast not to be missed. Corned beef, red potatoes, carrots and red cabbage salad will be served with a delicious desert. To pick up your lunch, drive through the First Congregational Church parking lot across the street from club starting at 11:30 a.m. The first 36 households will also receive a bottle of wine from our president’s extensive wine celler. A gift to the club in the amount for what you would have spent at our Mystery Dinner Fundraiser is kindly requested.


Last Thursday at 5 p.m.,15 of our bunch joined seven members of the Redlands Sunrise Rotary Club for a Rotary Zoom social and award ceremony. Our club was presented with the first place award in the Covid 19 testing competition. Our president John, then presented the morning club president with the second place award. The awards were mighty fine, supplied by the morning club’s own MICK GALLAGHER.


Nika Hogue and CHRIS ALVAREZ are spearheading a blood donation drive competition among twelve local service clubs. Donations for this contest may be made at any LifeStream Blood Bank during the month of March. Our club specific code is ORNO. The Club with the highest percentage of their membership donating will get bragging rights for a year! Don’t like needles? You can help by making a small contribution to LiveStream’s 2 for 2 Community Campaign. Your money will support replacing two old bloodmobiles. Checks can be made out to the LifeStream Blood Bank. Send it to CAL and he will take care of the rest


The good news is that if you have been attending our meetings since we moved to on-line format, you may pick up a copy (and it’s a beauty!) at CAL’S POOLWERX office on Alabama and at the same time purchase an Egg for the coming summer’s barbeque season and get the special RCOR discount. Or CAL will mail a copy to you. Been waiting for our in-person meetings to resume? CAL will be happy to send you an electronic copy of our Roster. A big thank you to CAL is in order for doing all the work this undertaking requires. However, our PRESIDENT JOHN may want to visit with CAL concerning something about when the Rotary year begins?


Our first combined Club Cocktail Hour is now history. I would like to thank those, from our Club, who attended last Thursday’s gathering on Zoom. Obviously, it would have been far more fun to do it in person, as Sunrise President, TROY MOLAUG, and I had discussed at last February’s President Elects Training Conference. At an upcoming meeting, I expect to be able to show everyone our beautiful First Place plaque designed and created by former member and Sunrise Past President, MICK GALLAGHER. Just a reminder to call or email NIKA HOGUE that you will be attending our Irish Luncheon. Although the lunch is free to all members and significant others, we need an accurate count for food preparation. NIKA’S phone number is (909) 648-4275. Her email address is nikahogue@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from everyone ASAP

Editor – Christopher Walker – Edition No. 34, March 11, 2021

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