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Last month we were thrilled to have Harry John speak to us about his heroic experiences in World War 2. Our deepest thanks to Harry and all who served. This video will make you laugh and make you cry. Please watch this if you have time time, share it with your friends and remember those whom have given so much that the world might be free.

LAST WEEK Dark for Thanksgiving TWO WEEKS AGO Dr. Ralph Kuncl , President of the University of Redlands, delivered a PowerPoint presentation about developments at the local institution whose emblem shines afar. He spoke highly about the value of independent higher education, asserting that it's more affordable than people think. In comparison with public institutions, for example, it is much easier to complete a degree in four years at dear old U of R.

Today’s Program Please welcome Dr. Ralph Kuncl, president of the University of Redlands, to the Rotary Club of Redlands. Dr. Kuncl will speak today on the benefits of obtaining a college degree that has as its core a liberal arts focus. In 2012 Dr. Kuncl was selected to become the 11th president of the University of Redlands. He previously was the provost and executive vice president at the University of Rochester.