Dancing with the Seniors

Dancing with the Seniors

On March 8th, students from Redlands East Valley High School and Citrus Valley High School danced with residents of Plymouth Village retirement community in the Compact Careers Club’s Dancing with the Senior Stars event.

In preparation for the event, the students and Plymouth Village residents attended a free dance session offered by the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Redlands. This event was also made possible with the help of David Maupin, Ann Leonard, and the community at Plymouth Village.

The event included conga lines and formal attire, with students and adults dancing together. Many Plymouth Village residents who could not dance said they enjoyed watching the students dance, listening to the jazz music and reminiscing about past experiences, and this delight was reciprocated. Redlands East Valley High School Compact member and event attendee Juliet Bachtel said that she felt that “the senior prom was a very valuable experience to reconnect with older generations through a timeless activity such as dancing.” Her favorite part “was listening to the stories the seniors told of their childhoods as if they were reviling them, and the dancing was invigorating and fun… if you could keep up to the beat!”

As the student who was responsible for organizing the dance, Redlands East Valley High School Compact Club Vice President Hadeel Alfagir says that “the Plymouth Village Dancing with the Seniors Prom was an awesome event to plan with fellow Redlands Compact Club members. I and many other members who attended the event thoroughly enjoyed our night with seniors on the dance floor. It was quite a pleasure for Plymouth Village to allow us to entertain them for one great night during our spring break.”

Furthermore, Redlands Compact Steering Committee Chairperson Ann Leonard says that “I am proud of the Compact members that attended the dance lessons and the senior prom. These students shared their enthusiasm and showed respect and caring for another generation.”
Compact Careers Club helps high school students in preparing for their careers. Members learn to create resumes and cover letters and are encouraged to participate in the Redlands community.

The club is known for its mixers, events in which students and adults from the community interact and network in a formal workplace environment. The club also sponsors multiple contests every year for high school students, including the “10 Secrets to Success” contest, in which students apply the Investor’s Business Daily’s 10 Secrets to Success to their own lives, and the “Multiply Your Generosity” contest, in which students take $100 and try to multiply that capital to bring awareness to a cause and to alleviate problems in the local, regional, and international community. In addition, members have the opportunity to participate in community service events with Light and Power and with residents of Plymouth Village retirement community.

At the end of the year, members are awarded certificates for completing their requirements.

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