Last month we were thrilled to have Harry John speak to us about his heroic experiences in World War 2. Our deepest thanks to Harry and all who served. This video will make you laugh and make you cry. Please watch this if you have time time, share it with your friends and remember those whom have given so much that the world might be free.

TODAY Chris Diggs, Deputy Director of the City of Redlands Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department (MUED), joined by Water Conservation Coordinator Cecilia Griego, will be discussing California’s drought and the new restrictions and state regulations that have been implemented because of it. Unfortunately, the gully-washer of a thunderstorm and local flooding we had last Sunday night did not have any impact on our drought situation (though it was fun to watch the neighbors’ garbage cans float down the street). Today’s program will be introduced by Fire Chief (and Rotarian) Jeff Frazier.