Spoke Newsletter

This Week Our own GRAEME AUTON will follow up last weekʼs program on Ukraine with a program on the challenges posed by Russia and the rise of Vladimir Putin. He might also talk about the Obama Administrationʼs response to those challenges since last yearʼs confrontation over Syria. As THE SPOKE goes to press, events look increasingly tenuous in eastern Ukraine, with some 40,000 Russian troops assembled on that countryʼs border.

TODAY Here to give the Club both an academic and personal per- spective on the events unfolding in Ukraine is Ukraine na- tive NATALIA CHERKAS. A professor at University of Redlands School of Business this year as a Fulbright Scholar, her dissertation was titled “Macroeconomic Promotion of Manufactured Exports in Ukraine.” She is teaching one or two courses each semester at the School of Business.

TODAY KYRA STEWART, the new Executive Director of Family Service Association of Redlands, will present today. Stewart joins FSA after a five year stint at Community Connects’ Nonprofit Resource Center. There, she was involved with capacity building and leading projects related to fund de- velopment. She has recently replaced long time executive di- rector Cheryl Heesen who retired after 17 years. Did you know that FSA served the needs of over 1500 families in 2013? Can you name the first employee of FSA? And no, it wasn’t LARRY BURGESS...

Today For the last three years, our University of Redlands Rotaract Club has raised $10,000.00 annually for meaningful service overseas. The first year they supported the retraining of trafficked women in India for meaningful jobs; the second year was helping marginalized women gain an education in Nicaragua and this past year it was for surgeries in Ethiopia.

TODAY Sheriff JOHN MCMAHON from the San Bernardino County Sheriff ’s Department will enlighten the club about law enforcement in our county. He leads a department of nearly 1,700 sworn deputies, more than 1,400 professional employees, and 1,800 volunteers with an annual budget of $450 million, and comes to us with more than 27 years’ experience in law enforcement.