Spoke Newsletter

Last Week Fortnightly Club contributor Stephan P Stockton presented us with a wonderful and unique history of “Swimming Pools of Redlands”. Our knowledge of local history was enhanced by learning how attitudes have changed in our town, the school teacher who promoted that change, the technology and archeological evidence that shows...

TODAY Nephrologist Dr. John Robertson is our presenter. Dr. Robertson is a 1981 graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Dr. Robertson is affiliated with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Parkview Community Hospital and Riverside Commuity Hospital. Interestingly, in addition to English, he also speaks Spanish and Tagalog.

This Week Willem Pennings, subject: Ultra marathons. This is a foot race of at least 50 kilometers (slightly more than 31 miles for the metrically impaired). Maybe Mr. Pennings will describe “Ultra” shin splints? Last Week Jeff Barnes, author of “Leadership of Walt Disney”, and Dean of Academic Services at Cal Baptist University, told the story of his personal journey from a Walt Disney fan and Disneyland aficionado to achieving his dream to create and teach a college course on the vision and leadership of Walt Disney. His premise is that the experience at the Disneyland attractions originally differed from other amusement parks by putting the visitor into the perspective of the lead character of the attraction’s story.