Special Events

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TODAY DISTRICT GOVERNOR – DR. SYLVIA WHITLOCK Our Club is honored to welcome DR. WHITLOCK, who has been in Rotary for over 25 years. While principal in Duarte Unified School District, she was asked to join Rotary as the second woman to join the Duarte Club. That Club was removed as an official Rotary Club. Duarte sued Rotary International and prevailed in its stance to admit women, thus changing forever and for better the face of Rotary. She went on to become the first woman Rotary President and is now District 5330 Governor. We are inspired by her dedication to Rotary, and I and my fellow female Rotarians are honored to have the opportunity to be of service through Rotary. In that this is Rotary Awareness Month, Dr. Whitlock will surely inspire us to share WHO WE ARE as Rotarians and WHY WE ARE Rotarians.

TODAY Happy Valentine’s Day Wishesto Rotarians and theirsweethearts! We will enjoy our guests for our luncheon today and then head across the street to the Congregational Church for our annual Music Competition. This entertaining event is coordinated by SABINE ROBERTSON-PHILLIPS and LORI RHODES. Students from our local high schools will perform vocally and instrumentally. The talent demonstrated is truly inspiring.

DIDJA KNOW? Calvin Coolidge said about Boy Scouts, “If every boy in the United States could be placed under the wholesome influences of the Scout program and should live up to the Scout Oath and rules, we would hear fewer pessimistic words as to the future of our nation. Not only is it based on the fundamental rules of right thinking and acting, but it seems to embrace in its code almost every virtue needed in the personal and social life of mankind.” ......and