TODAY Today and the next couple of weeks our Club is directing its attention to the Rotary International Foundation (“RIF”). JACK OSBORN, Hunsaker Chair of Management and Fulbright Program Advisor at UofR will introduce our speaker, WYATT HANSON, an example of the outstanding Rotary Scholarship students that the RIF supports with our generous contributions. He grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada, and is currently completing degrees in Global Business and German. During his time at UofR he studied in Germany and was President of Rotaract.

TODAY NATHAN GONZALES is archivist and head of special collections at A.K. Smiley Library as well as curator of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine and survivor of the home tour. His presentation on the Lincoln Shrine will prove enlightening and inspirational. Redlands is fortunate to have one of the most extensive collections of Abraham Lincoln west of the Mississippi.

DIDJA KNOW? Calvin Coolidge said about Boy Scouts, “If every boy in the United States could be placed under the wholesome influences of the Scout program and should live up to the Scout Oath and rules, we would hear fewer pessimistic words as to the future of our nation. Not only is it based on the fundamental rules of right thinking and acting, but it seems to embrace in its code almost every virtue needed in the personal and social life of mankind.” ......and

On December 8, more than 20 Rotarians arrived at the Elks Club in Redlands to serve dinner, distribute gifts, and provide entertainment to nearly 130 members of the Purple Turtles, a group of our community's developmentally disabled adults. Chairman Stan Weisser organizes the event every year, which has been an annual tradition in the club for nearly twenty years. "This is one of our club's favorite community service projects because we get to interact personally with the Purple Turtles, who look forward to this event every December," stated Weisser. "We also provide music, dancing, and a special show by the Redlands YMCA Circus. It was amazing."

LAST WEEK Dark for Thanksgiving TWO WEEKS AGO Dr. Ralph Kuncl , President of the University of Redlands, delivered a PowerPoint presentation about developments at the local institution whose emblem shines afar. He spoke highly about the value of independent higher education, asserting that it's more affordable than people think. In comparison with public institutions, for example, it is much easier to complete a degree in four years at dear old U of R.