LAST WEEK WAYNE SCOTT and cast members of the forthcoming production for the Redlands Community Music Association's Mary Poppins presented a splendid selection of songs. RAY WATTS himself in the cast along with members of his family, and also the young son of ZACK and BERANGERE TUCKER are among the Rotarians included in the performances. This should be a "sell out" or at least a "free out" since WAYNE has assembled an able cast with a story to match. He even has a contraption to let Mary Poppins fly. Several have suggested that Prexy NATHAN should test it out....

LAST WEEK JEFF MARTINEZ brought us a wonderful insight into the meaning and the workings of the Special Olympic World Games, Los Angeles, July 15-August 2. As co-chair for the Host Town Redlands, he brought an insider's view and analysis. Jeff introduced a guest and Olympic Global Messenger, Amanda Drexley of Yucaipa. As a participating ath- lete in soccer and rhythmic gymnastics, she

Today Darwin Barnett, executive director of the East Valley YMCA, will speak to us concerning the 75th year celebration of the Y Circus in our community. After the meeting, Darwin will be auditioning club members in the back of the room for the new Senior Y Circus which will be performing for the first time this fall at the Purple Turtles Christmas party..