Author: Redlands Rotary

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LAST WEEK JEFF MARTINEZ brought us a wonderful insight into the meaning and the workings of the Special Olympic World Games, Los Angeles, July 15-August 2. As co-chair for the Host Town Redlands, he brought an insider's view and analysis. Jeff introduced a guest and Olympic Global Messenger, Amanda Drexley of Yucaipa. As a participating ath- lete in soccer and rhythmic gymnastics, she

Today Darwin Barnett, executive director of the East Valley YMCA, will speak to us concerning the 75th year celebration of the Y Circus in our community. After the meeting, Darwin will be auditioning club members in the back of the room for the new Senior Y Circus which will be performing for the first time this fall at the Purple Turtles Christmas party..

TODAY DISTRICT GOVERNOR – DR. SYLVIA WHITLOCK Our Club is honored to welcome DR. WHITLOCK, who has been in Rotary for over 25 years. While principal in Duarte Unified School District, she was asked to join Rotary as the second woman to join the Duarte Club. That Club was removed as an official Rotary Club. Duarte sued Rotary International and prevailed in its stance to admit women, thus changing forever and for better the face of Rotary. She went on to become the first woman Rotary President and is now District 5330 Governor. We are inspired by her dedication to Rotary, and I and my fellow female Rotarians are honored to have the opportunity to be of service through Rotary. In that this is Rotary Awareness Month, Dr. Whitlock will surely inspire us to share WHO WE ARE as Rotarians and WHY WE ARE Rotarians.

TODAY Today and the next couple of weeks our Club is directing its attention to the Rotary International Foundation (“RIF”). JACK OSBORN, Hunsaker Chair of Management and Fulbright Program Advisor at UofR will introduce our speaker, WYATT HANSON, an example of the outstanding Rotary Scholarship students that the RIF supports with our generous contributions. He grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada, and is currently completing degrees in Global Business and German. During his time at UofR he studied in Germany and was President of Rotaract.